Muay Khao: The Knee Fighter

Muay Khao

One of the main things that separate Muay Thai from western kick-boxing is the inclusion of elbows and knees, arguably no other fighter-style embodies this difference more than the Muay Khao fighter. One of the most prominent …

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Muay Thai Ankle Support

Muay Thai ankle support

If you’re just getting into Muay Thai, you may notice that many fighters have tape or guards around their ankles. You might wonder, what purpose do these Muay Thai ankle supports serve? That is why we wrote …

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Muay Thai Shin Conditioning

Muay thai shin conditioning

Muay Thai fighters are formidable warriors, striking rapidly with lethal force. The art of eight limbs, as it is otherwise called, uses eight points of contact: two hands, elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai shin conditioning is …

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