Mongkon Muay Thai Headband

Mongkon: Muay Thai Headband explained

The Mongkon, sometimes known as the Muay Thai Headband, is a piece of material Nak Muays wear into the ring before Muay Thai fights. It is closely connected to Thai Buddhism and is steeped in tradition. The …

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Sak Yant Rules

What are the Sak Yant Tattoo Rules?

Sak Yant tattoos are traditional Thai Buddhist tattoos which come with spiritual protections. To obtain these protections, the wearer must abide by certain rules. What are the Sak Yant tattoo rules? In Muay Thai fighting, Sak Yant …

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Nak Muay 2

What is a Nak Muay?

What is a Nak Muay? A Nak Muay is a fighter in the sport of Muay Thai. The more direct translation to English would be “Thai Boxer” as Muay Thai translates to “Thai Boxing.” Nak Muay is …

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Muay Ying, women in muay thai

Muay Ying – Women in Muay Thai

“Ladies Please Don’t Touch the Stage” signs were formerly placed ringside in Muay Thai venues until recently as women have blazed a new trail and made history. Women in Muay Thai (Muay Ying) have suffered a great …

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muay korat

What is Muay Korat?

Muay Korat is an archaic Thai martial art. It is one of the forms of Muay Boran, which is the term used to refer to Muay Thai before it was given formalized universal rules. Muay Korat is …

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Muay Chaiya

What is Muay Chaiya?

Muay Chaiya is a martial art which originates from the southern region of Thailand. It focuses on defense and countering. It is one of the forms of Muay Boran, the precursor to Muay Thai. The deadly moves …

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