Best Muay Femur 1990s

Who was the Best Muay Femur in the 1990s?

When considering the best Muay Femur of any given era, we often look at qualities like balance, coordination, fight IQ, adaptability, versatility, precision and timing. Excelling in these areas of psychology and physicality separates these technical fighters from the crowd.

Muay Femurs or ‘Technicians’ are known for their impressive Muaythai intelligence and their strategic approach to matches. Understanding how they analyze opponents and adapt their strategies in real-time can be beneficial as we look for ways to improve our own tactical thinking in Muaythai.

Sanklai Sitkru-Ott (right)
Sanklai Sitkru-Ott vs Changnoi – November 21st 1995 || Best Muay Femur 1990s

My evaluation of these fighters is based on their achievements and performances during the 1990s, including titles won and opponents defeated in that decade. Achievements outside of the 1990s are not considered.

However, rather than basing my choices solely on achievements, I have highlighted a few fighters who entertained and inspired through their unique approach to Muay Thai.


~ 1990s ~

แสนไกล ศิษย์ครูอ๊อด Sanklai Sitkru-Ott

Sanklai Sitkru-Ott
1991 Lumpinee Stadium 118 lbs Champion
1993-1994 Lumpinee Stadium 118 lbs Champion (Defended six times)

Sanklai Sitkru-Ott was one of the greatest counter strikers in the 1990s. He had a natural instinct to use space and time to his advantage, identifying opportunities to launch powerful right kicks or to maneuver himself away from danger.

Sanklai’s camp emphasised tact and intelligence, qualities that propelled Sanklai to numerous victories including his 118 lbs Lumpinee belt win in April 1993, which he defended six times over 18 months.

Best Year (1993)

9 wins: Veeraphol Sahaprom, Samson Issan, Anantasak Panyuthapum (x2), Dara Aek Sitrungsap (x2), Jomhodlek Rattanachot (x2), Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang

2 losses: Jomhodlek Rattanachot and Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang

Sanklai Sitkru-Ott vs Changnoi

Other notable wins: Rambaa Somdet, Jaroensak Kiatnakonchon, Silapathai Jocky Gym, Burklerk Pinsinchai, Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum, Singdam O Aukritt, Muangfahlek Kiatwichian and Tukkatatong Por Pongsawang.

Sanklai Sitkru-Ott Skill Study || Best Muay Femur 1990s

บุญหลาย ส ธนิกุล Boonlai Sor Thanikul

Boonlai Sor Thanikul
1990 Lumpinee Stadium 115 lbs Champion (defended once)
1992 Lumpinee Stadium 122 lbs Champion (defended once)

Boonlai Sor Thanikul was a physically imposing Muay Femur who possessed remarkable agility and kicking finesse. His calmness in executing both attacking and defensive techniques while egaged in kicking exchanges is particularly evident in his kicking battles with Karuhat Sor Supawan and his bout with Pompet Naratreekul at Lumpinee Stadium in 1994.

Boonlai hit a peak in 1992 when he defeated Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai to win the 122 lbs Lumpinee title, and successfully defended it against Oley Kiatoneway that same year. His rivalries with Somrak Khamsing and Chatchai Paiseetong are also worthy of examination.

Best Year (1992)

7 Wins: Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai, Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth, Nuathoranee Tongraja, Jongsanan Fairtex, Oley Kiatoneway (x2), Nungubon Sitlerchai

3 Losses: Nuathoranee Tongraja (x2), Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth

Boonlai Sor Thanikul vs Karuhat Sor Supawan – Lumpinee Stadium (points victory)

Other notable wins: Somrak Khamsing, Karuhat Sor Supawan, Langsuan Panyuthapum, Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang, Superlek Sorn Esarn, Chamuekpet Hapalang, Jaroensap Kiatbanchong, Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee and Chatchai Paiseetong.

Boonlai Sor Thanikul Highlights || Best Muay Femur 1990s

โอเล่ห์ เกียรติวันเวย์ Oley Kiatoneway

Oley Kiatoneway
1990 Lumpinee Stadium 115 lbs Champion (defended once)

Oley Kiatoneway was an exemplar of the Muay Femur style, and was renowned for his lightning-fast lean backs and his general fluidity in the ring.

Oley’s popularity stemmed, in part, from his demeanor in the ring. He would glide across the canvas, seemingly devoid of emotion, maintaining a cool, almost icy expression throughout, even as he executed seemingly impossible maneuvers.

Oley may be the best Muay Femur to study just to observe how far the bounderies of conventional Muaythai techniques can be pushed, twisted, and transformed by one fighter.

Best Year (1990)

10 wins: Tanongchai Charoenmuang, Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth, Langsuan Panyuthapum, Parnpetch Muangsurin, Seiji Sugawara, Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang (x2), Karuhat Sor Supawan and Detduang Por Pongsawang.

4 losses: Boonlai Sor Thanikul, Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang, Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth (x2)

Oley Kiatoneway vs Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth | June 11th, 1993 – Lumpinee Stadium (points victory)

Other notable wins: Boonlai Sor Thanikul, Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai, Superlek Sorn Esarn, Therdkiat Sittepitak, Detduang Por Pongsawang and Ritthichai Lookchamaesaitong.

Oley Kiatoneway Highlights || Best Muay Femur 1990s

สมรักษ์ คำสิงห์ Somrak Khamsing

Somrak Khamsing

Somrak Khamsing distinguished himself with his mastery of western boxing techniques and evasive manoeuvers. His awkward punches thrown from a low guard, coupled with precise head movement and slips, made him a tricky opponent in close-quarters combat. Additionally, Somrak’s middle kicks and high kicks showcased his strategic adaptability, enabling him to outmanoeuver Muaythai GOATs like Boonlai Sor Thanikul and Chamuekpet Hapalang.

Although he never challenged for a Lumpinee or Rajadamnern title, he was ranked #1 in every Thai stadium at 126 lbs, with many believing him to be the best Muay Femur of the era. Somrak stated that he had defeated everyone in his division, and even the 130 lbs fighters feared him, but he was denied a title shot by the promoters of the time.

Best Year (1991)

5 wins: Kukrit Sor Nayayarm (x2), Darathong Kiatmuangtran, Boonlai Sor Thanikul and Panomrung Sit SorWorPor.

1 draw: Boonlai Sor Thanikul

Somrak Khamsing (red) vs Suwitlek Sor Skawrat (black) | May 22nd, 1995 – Lumpinee Stadium (R4 KO win)

Other notable wins: Suwitlek Sor Skawrat, Changnoi Sirimongkol and Chamuekpet Hapalang.

Somrak Khamsing Highlights || Best Muay Femur 1990s

ฉัตรชัย ไผ่สีทอง Chatchai Paiseetong

Chatchai Paiseetong
1993 2x Lumpinee Stadium 122 lbs Champion

Chatchai Paiseetong, was a standout Muay Femur of the early 1990s known for his kicking precision and tactical intelligence. Specialising in high kicks, he developed a mastery of technique reminiscent of one of his mentors at the Sityodtong Camp, the legendary Samart Payakaroon, earning him the nickname “Samart 2.”

Chatchai hit his peak in 1993 when he won the 122 lbs Lumpinee title on two occasions, defeating Boonlai Sor Thanikul and Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai, respectively. The title fight against Boonlai effectively displays the tactical kicking abilities of both Chatchai and Boonlai in both a defensive and attacking capacity.

When it comes to clean, precise, and clinical execution, Chatchai’s delivery of striking techniques possibly makes him the best Muay Femur to study for these qualities.

Best Year (1993)

7 wins: Detduang Por Pongsawang, Kruekchai Kitayongyut, Chainoi Muangsurin, Jaroensap Kiatbanchong, Boonlai Sor Thanikul, Karuhat Sor Supawan and Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai.

3 losses: Meechoke Sor Ploenchit, Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai and Karuhat Sor Supawan.

Chatchai Paiseetong (blue) vs Jaroensap Kiatbanchong (red) | July 9th, 1993 – Lumpinee Stadium

Other notable wins: Paruhatlek Sitchunthong, Jaroensap Kiatbanchong, Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee, Mathee Jadeepitak, Therdkiat Sittepitak, Hansuk Prasathinpanomrung, Den Muangsurin, Cherry Sor Wanich and Jompoplek Sor Sumalee.

Chatchai Paiseetong Highlights || Best Muay Femur 1990s

คฤหาสน์ ส.สุภาวรรณ Karuhat Sor Supawan

Karuhat Sor Supawan
1990 Lumpinee Stadium 112 lbs Champion (defended once)
1991 Lumpinee Stadium 112 lbs Champion
1993-1994 Lumpinee Stadium 122 lbs Champion (defended once)
1995 Lumpinee Stadium 122 lbs Champion

Karuhat began life as a Muay Khao, but he switched styles after moving to Bangkok and realising that he did not appreciate the training volume and intensity required of a knee fighter. He therefore developed a style which allowed him to be most energy-efficient, meaning he could do less work in the fight, but with maximum effect.

Despite being smaller in stature than many of his opponents, Karuhat Sor Supawan’s style was unpredictable and elusive, characterised by a low guard. His mastery of slick footwork, switch-hits and rapid elbow strikes earned him acclaim as one of the most dynamic fighters of his time.

Karuhat’s rivalries with Nungubon Sitlerchai and Kaensak Sor Ploenchit effectively demonstrate Karuhat’s mastery of the middle kick and teep. Karuhat might also be the best Muay Femur to study for elbow-heavy technical fighting.

Best Year (1993)

8 Wins: Jompoplek Sor Sumalee, Nungubon Sitlerchai (x2), Kaensak Sor Ploenchit, Mathee Jadeepitak, Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee, Chatchai Paiseetong and Hansek Prasathinpanomrung.

3 Losses: Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee, Boonlai Sor Thanikul and Chatchai Paiseetong.

Karuhat Sor Supawan vs Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee

Other notable wins: Pairojnoi Sor Siamchai, Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth, Rainbow Sor Prantalay, Detduang Por Pongsawang, Duangsompong Por Pongsawang, Tukkatatong Por Pongsawang, Jaroensap Kiatbanchong, Nongnarong Looksamrong, Silapathai Jocky Gym and Meechok Sor Ploenchit.

Karuhat Sor Supawan Highlights || Best Muay Femur 1990s

หนึ่งอุบล ศิษย์เลิศชัย Nungubon Sitlerchai

Nungubon Sitlerchai
1990 Lumpinee Stadium 105 lbs Champion
1991 Lumpinee Stadium 112 lbs Champion
1995 Lumpinee Stadium 115 lbs Champion
1999 Lumpinee Stadium 118 lbs Champion

Nungubon Sitlerchai secured Lumpinee championships across four weight classes from 1990 to 1999. He had a well-rounded arsenal, and was adept at transitioning between different styles and techniques seamlessly, switching from outside femur style to inside clinch and knee work.

Notably, he was the sole fighter to defeat Saenchai in 1999, the year Saenchai earned the Fighter of the Year Award, marking a testament to Nungubon’s skill and longevity in Muaythai.

Best Year (1991)

9 wins: Sornsuknoi Sakwichan, Paruhatlek Sitchunthong, Pornsak Muangsurin, Pairojnoi Sor Siamchai, Jaroensap Kiatbanchong, Langsuan Panyuthapum (x2) and Chainoi Muangsurin (x2).

3 losses: Pongsiri Por Ruamrudee, Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang and Karuhat Sor Supawan.

Nungubon Sitlerchai vs Yodsiam Sor Prantalay | April 28th, 1995 – Lumpinee Stadium Wins vacant Lumpinee Stadium 115 lbs title

Other notable wins: Hippy Singmanee, Tongchai Tor Silachai, Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai, Karuhat Sor Supawan, Rittidet Kerdpayak, Duangsompong Por Pongsawang, Samkor Kiatmontep, Silapathai Jocky Gym, Kaensak Sor Ploenchit, Nongnarong Looksamrong, Tongchai Tor Silachai, Saenchai Sor Kingstarn and Kaolan Kaowichit.

Nungubon Sitlerchai Highlights || Best Muay Femur 1990s

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