Silapathai Jocky Gym Biography & Best Fights

Silapathai Jocky Gym: Rise of a Phenomenon – Biography & Best Fights

Amidst the fervour of the 1990s Muay Thai scene, this fighter exemplified the artistry of a Muay Femur. Crafting his skills at Jocky gym, and with a reputation for finesse and precision in the ring, his teep became a hallmark of his mesmerising style.

Name: Silapathai Jocky Gym
Birth Name:Adul Khunnoi
Thai Name:ศิลปไทย น.ศรีผึ้ง
Date of Birth:November 23rd 1974
Place of Birth:Nong Han District, Udon Thani Province, Thailand
Other Names:Silapathai Nor.Siripeung, The 116 front kicks
Height:1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight:55 kg (121 lb; 8.7 st)
Style:Muay Thai, Fimeu
Fighting out of:Bangkok, Thailand
Team: Jocky Gym
Occupation:Muay Thai trainer

Silapathai Jocky Gym was born in 1974 in Nongharn village, located in Udon Thani province (Issan). His parents were farmers who worked in the rice fields and sold vegetables at the local market to provide for their five children, with Silapathai being the youngest sibling.

Silapathai’s father was a lifelong Muay Thai enthusiast, and owned a small training camp called the Sit Poonsak Camp. Many of Silapathai’s friends in the village were training at his father’s camp, which piqued his interest. So, at age 10, Silapathai decided to join them at the camp.

A year later, Silapathai had his first fight, securing the win and earning 20 baht. He went on to compete around 20 times for the Sit Poonsak camp, participating in bouts accross Khon Kaen and Udon Thani provinces.

young silapathai jocky gym
A young Silapathai Jocky Gym

When Silapathai turned 12, he went to live at the Jocky gym in Bangkok. There, he shared the gym accommodation with the likes of Robert Kaennorasing, Rolex Kaennorasing, Somluck Khamsing, and Wanwiset Kaennorasing. Under the guidance of the legendary trainer Pipa, Silapathai received his ring name – “Silapathai Jocky Gym.”

Silapathai fought at the Samrong and Rangsit stadiums in the outskirts of Bangkok until he reached a weight of 100 lbs. At this point, he made his debut at Rajadamnern Stadium, setting the stage for a series of epic bouts that would unfold over the next several years.

Instant Impact of “Jomsopklap”

In 1991, Silapathai put together a string of victories at Rajadamnern stadium, defeating fighters like Kwandom Sit Sor Por Sor and Mankong Seisomboon in points victories, and earning a draw against the renowned Prabsuek Sitsantad. It didn’t take long for Silapathai to make a lasting impression on the spectators at his new battleground, achieving a beautifully technical spinning elbow knockout of Komsan Saknarin in September.

This knockout has been replayed thousands of times since, and remains one of the most technically perfect spinning elbows ever caught on camera.

Silapathai Jocky Gym (blue) vs Komsan Saknarin (red) | September 30th, 1991 – Rajadamnern Stadium (KO R4)

This knockout earnt Silapathai the nickname, “Jomsopklap” – The Back Elbow Specialist.

In December that year, Silapathai was given his first Rjadamnern title shot against Namkabuan Ratchapeutkafe. Silapathai defeated his opponent in a points victory, becoming the new 108 lbs Rajadamnern champion at 17 years of age.

Silapathai was undefeated throughout 1991, winning 10 fights with one draw. In addition, he won the Rajadamnern Stadium “Boxer of the Year” award.

silapathai jocky gym rajadamnern stadium champion muay thai
Silapathai Jocky Gym – Rajadamnern Stadium Champion

Over the next two years, Silapathai beat some of the biggest names in the sport. In early 1992, he successfully defended his 108 lbs Rajadamnern title against Thongchai Sor Korakot, and later went on to defeat Tukkatatong Por Pongsawang, Lakhin Wassandasit and Prabsuek Sitsantad. He faced defeat at the hands of Saenklai Sitkru-Ott, Singdam O Aukritt and Nungubon Sitlerchai on points.

His fight against Lakhin in May, 1993, serves as an exemplar of how to defeat a muay matt (puncher) by using the teep to create distance for strategically placed kicks.

Silapathai Jocky Gym (blue) vs Lakhin Wassandasit (red) | May 19th, 1993 – Rajadamnern Stadium (Points victory)

During this period, Silapathai fought “Death Mask” Veeraphol Sahaprom for the 115 lbs Rajadamnern title, but was knocked out cold in the fifth round by the left hook of Veeraphol. However, Silapathai bounced back just one month later, defeating Veeraphol by decision.

Silapathai Jocky Gym (blue) vs Veeraphol Sahaprom (red) | July 28th, 1993 – Rajadamnern Stadium (Points Victory)

In 1994, Silapathai experienced one of the most successful years of his career, as he defeated the legendary Chamuekpet Hapalang for the 122 lbs Rajadamnern title. This was a significant moment, as Chamuakepet was a serial championship winner throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Chamuekpet had won Lumpinee titles in the 102, 108, 112 and 118 lbs divisions, as well as Rajadamnern titles in the 104, 122 and 126 lbs divisions.

silapathai jocky gym vs chamuekpet hapalang
Silapathai Jocky Gym landing a close-range head kick on Chamuekpet Hapalang | April 27th, 1994 – Rajadamnern Stadium

Yet again, Silapathai put on a teep masterclass, this time against a strong muay khao/muay bouk who utilises pressure to invade the working space of a muay femur.

Silapathai Jocky Gym (blue) vs Chamuekpet Hapalang (red) | April 27th, 1994 – Rajadamnern Stadium (Points victory)

Later that year, Silapathai beat three of the greatest technicians to ever compete in the sport – Karuhat Sor Supawan, Boonlai Sor Thanikul and Kaensak Sor Ploenchit.

Silapathai Jocky Gym (red) vs Karuhat Sor Supawan (blue) | June 6th, 1994 – Rajadamnern Stadium (Points victory)
Silapathai Jocky Gym (red) vs Boonlai Sor Thanikul (blue) | September 28th, 1994 – Rajadamnern Stadium (KO R2)
Silapathai Jocky Gym (blue) vs Kaensak Sor Ploenchit (red) | October 28th, 1994 – Lumpinee Stadium (Points victory)

In addition, he beat the powerful southpaw Samkor Chor Rathchatasupak, who was riding high on a four-fight winning streak after defeating Rittichai Lookchamaesaitong, Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai, Karuhat Sor Supawan and Mathee Jadeeptak.

Silapathai won eight out of ten fights in 1994, losing only to Meechoke Sor Ploenchit and Cherngnoen Sitputapim.

From 1995 onwards, Silapathai notched wins against considerable opposition including Prabsuek Sitsantad and Chaidet Kiatcharnsingh, and successfully defended his 122 lbs Rajadamnern title against Komkiat Sor Thanikul in May of 1995. However, this period was littered with several losses against legendary fighters including Sangmorakot Sor Ploenchit, Karuhat Sor Supawan and Muangfahlek Kiatvichian.

silapathai jocky gym vs prabsuek sitsantad
Silapathai Jocky Gym lean back vs Prabsuek Sitsantad | July 26th, 1995 – Rajadamnern Stadium (points victory)

Silapathai retired briefly in 1999, only to return the following year. He ground out some more victories over the next few years, albeit over lesser opponents than he’d previously been known for such as Phetnamek Sor Siriwat, Dentoranee Dawee and Phet-Ek Sor Suwanpakdee.

Silapathai Jocky Gym Legacy

Silapathai ended his career with 160 victories from 190 fights, with 3 draws.

After retiring from Muay Thai, Silapathai declared that Veeraphol was the toughest opponent he had ever faced. They fought three times, with Silapathai taking two wins on points, and Veeraphol winning once by KO. He also stated that beating Samkor, a reigning Lumpinee champion, was his greatest fighting memory.

silapathai jocky gym coach at skarbowsky gym bangkok
Silapathai Jocky Gym – Trainer at Skarbowsky Gym, Bangkok

Silapathai is a now a trainer at his former Muay Thai camp, Jocky Gym, which was purchased by Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. Silapathai’s new goal is to cultivate a new generation of technical champions, imparting the same muay femur style that was passed onto him at Jocky Gym all those years ago.

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