Anuwat Kaewsamrit: The Iron Hands of Siam

Anuwat Kaewsamrit: The Iron Hands of Siam

The Muay Thai striker Anuwat Kaewsamrit is one of the most decorated champions in the sport’s modern era. The Muay Mat fighter is known by the name “The Iron Hands of Siam” due to the incredible power in his hands.

Since making his professional debut in the 1990’s, he earned several Muay Thai titles Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium, WMC, WBC, and several others. Anuwat Kaewsamrit retired from Muay Thai in 2010 at the age of 29.

Anuwat Kaewsamrit

Who is Anuwat Kaewsamrit?

Name:Anuwat Kaewsamrit or Apisak Rongpichai
Thai Name:อนุวัฒน์ แก้วสัมฤทธิ์
Date of Birth:November 17, 1981
Place of Birth:Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Thailand
Nickname:“The Iron Hands of Siam”
Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight:61.0 kg (134.5 lbs)
Weight Classes:Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight
Record(s):108 (61 KO) – 38 – 6
Years Active:1990’s to 2010
Championships:Seven Muay Thai Stadium Titles, WBC World Title, WMC World Title.

Anuwat Kaewsamrit Early Life

Anuwat Kaewsamrit Early Life

Apisak Rongpichai was born in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province in Thailand. Nakhon Sri Thammarat is best known for its agricultural output, fishing, and the rubber industry. It is a region of hard-working people.

Many children in Thailand begin their Muay Thai career at a very young age, some even fight as young as five years old. However, Anuwat is an exception to this rule. He did not begin training until he was 13 years old.

When he was 13, Anuwat moved to the nation’s capital, Bangkok, and began working in the Kaewsamrit gym but not yet a Nak Muay. Eventually, he would find a desire to fight and begin training for his career in Muay Thai.

According to an interview, he would quickly his first fight, just six months into training, at the age of 14. Impressively, he would win his first match by way of knockout. For this fight, he earned 150 baht, less than five dollars.

Anuwat Muay Thai Champion

The Iron Hands of Siam

With his heavy and fast hands, Anuwat Kaewsamrit would find tremendous success in Muay Thai as a Muay Mat (puncher). In 1998 he would win his first major title capturing the Rajadamnern Stadium Mini-flyweight Championship. In this bout, he defeated Klangsuan Sasiprapagym by way of TKO.

Throughout his career, he would earn a total of six weight class titles in Rajadamnern Stadium, and defended many of these championships as well. Additionally, he earned a Lumpinee Stadium title in 2005 when he knocked out Nopparat Keatkhamtorn in the first round.

His record would also be declared with championships from Omnoi Stadium, WMC, WBC, WPMF, S1, and several others. Anuwat Kaewsamrit was such an impressive fighter that he was able to earn the Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year award in four different years.

“The Iron Hands of Siam”

“Iron Hands” Anuwat Kaewsamrit was best known for his thunderous punching power. In his career, he had a knockout win rate at 56%, having won 61 of his recorded matches by way of knockout.

Anuwat and UK Muay Thai legend Liam Harrison battled over the WMC title, in which the Thai-born striker won by TKO. In a later interview, Harrison reflected:

“One of the heaviest punchers there’s ever been of all time. His name was Anuwat Kaewsamrit… In the first fight, he absolutely destroyed me.”

Thailand’s Anuwat was able to put on so much power due to his exhausting training regimen. In a 2004 interview, he outlines what a normal day looks like for him. He said:

“My day starts at 6 am with a 10 kilometre run followed by 3 rounds of bag work and 5 rounds of pads, 2 of those concentrating on punches, then I will do clinch work and some conditioning exercises, in the afternoon I will start with 30 minutes skipping followed by 4 rounds of bag work and 8 rounds of pad work again 2 of those rounds working just boxing, then more clinch work and a 3 kilometer warm down jog. I train for approximately 6 hours a day except for Sunday when I rest.”

Final Thoughts

The power, speed, and punches, of Anuwat Kaewsamrit became an inspiration for many athletes all around the world. Most notably, multi-division K-1 World Champion Takeru Segawa says “The Iron Hands of Siam” is one of his idols.

The Muay Thai striker has since retired with his wife and two children. He now tens to a rubber palm farm. “The Iron Hands of Siam” Anuwat Kaewsamrit stands as a true legend in the world of modern Muay Thai. Most legends existed during the golden age, however, the incredible career of Anuwat took place in this century. Anuwat’s numerous championships and impressive knockout record showcase his extraordinary punching power and skill in the ring. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring fighters and enthusiasts.

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