Muay Thai Tattoos: Sak Yant

Muay Thai tattoos

A common sight in the arenas of Bangkok, Thailand is the tattoo-adorned bodies of veteran Thai boxers. These Muay Thai combatants lean into their identity taking great pride in the title of “Nak Muay” Part of this …

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Muay Thai Jump Rope

Muay Thai jump rope

Jump rope is a very important conditioning exercise that just about all combat sports athletes do. This is especially true in Muay Thai, where rounds of jump rope are done before every training session. Let’s dive into …

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Muay Thai Ankle Support

Muay Thai ankle support

If you’re just getting into Muay Thai, you may notice that many fighters have tape or guards around their ankles. You might wonder, what purpose do these Muay Thai ankle supports serve? That is why we wrote …

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