Best Muay Thai Shinguards and Where to Find Them

These are the best Muay Thai shinguards that won’t break the bank. The best Muay Thai shinguards are used so as to not break one’s shins during practice, training, and sparring. What are the best Muay Thai shinguards? Below we have assembled a list.

Best Muay Thai Shinguards and Where to Find Them

Step into any Muay Thai gym and you’ll find a flurry of kicks, punches, and elbow strikes flying through the air. It’s a highly physical sport that demands discipline, endurance, and agility. With such a high-intensity sport comes the need for proper protection. You need the best Muay Thai shin guards. These essential pieces of Muay Thai gear are designed to protect the shins from the unforgiving impact of kicks and blocks during sparring. But not all shinguards are created equal, and it’s important to understand the key features that make the best Muay Thai shinguards. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs to find the best Muay Thai shinguards.

The best Muay Thai shinguards are used to protect your legs during physical activities like sparring. It’s important that they fit well and don’t move around too much while you’re moving around. To make sure you get the right fit, it’s best to try them on at a store or your gym. This way you can be sure they are comfortable and won’t cause any problems while you’re exercising.

The best Shinguards are made from real leather and are usually stronger and last longer than those made from fake leather. But some new companies have started using a material called microfiber leather, which is also strong but costs less. There are also shinguards made from cotton, but they are not as durable for everyday use and are only recommended for beginner competitions.

One more thing to consider when buying the best Muay Thai shinguards is how they look. Different companies make shinguards with different designs and styles. It’s important to choose a design that you like for the best Muay Thai shinguards. However, if you prefer a simple look, there are also basic shin guards available to choose from.

For the full gear needed for Muay Thai, it is recommended for training that one has boxing gloves, hand wraps, the best Muay Thai shinguards, a groin cup, and shorts. The best shinguards can be used for Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing.

Best Muay Thai Shinguards Shopping Guide

Fairtex SP5 Muay Thai Shin Guards

Amazon Link to Fairtex Shinguards

Fairtex is one of the biggest supporters of Muay Thai around the world. Many fighters work out in a Fairtex gym with Fairtex gear. These shinguards come in multiple sizes and colors. They are experienced in making the best Muay Thai shinguards.

Fairtex Writes:

  • Articulated Instep Padding: Fairtex kickboxing shin guards ergonomically contours to your foot for maximum comfort & protection. High impact foam in this martial arts shin guards protect from injuries
  • Elastic Straps & Velcro Closures: The Fairtex Martial arts shin guard ensure a secure & comfortable fit. The Fairtex shin guards have 2 straps making the equipment stay in place & do not shift around
  • Improve speed & agility – Fairtex SP3 shin pads are designed to enhance mobility & agility, leading to improved speed. The MMA leg guards to minimize irritation & improve performance.
  • Multipurpose: The fairtex muay thai boxing shinguards provide all round usage in sports such as kickboxing, MMA, fighting, fitness, training, etc
  • Authentic Muay Thai: boxing gear is made in the land of Muay Thai, i.e. Thailand. The boxing training equipment is handmade with premium & authentic leather. These shin guards range in XS to XL

Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards

Amazon Link to Venum Shinguards

Vunum is a very large supporter of combat sports worldwide. They are the current gear supplier for the UFC. These shinguards come in multiple colors and sizes. The make a great addition to the best Muay Thai shinguards.

Venum Writes:

  • 100% Synthetic leather for great durability and performance
  • High density foam with additional padding across the shin and instep for enhanced shock absorption
  • Lightweight design providing unrestricted mobility and speed
  • Large Velcro straps for a customized no-slip fit

Link to full Venum Store

TOP KING Boxing Muay Thai Shin Guards Protector

Amazon Link to TOP KING Shinguards

These TOP KING shinguards come in multiple color and size options.

TOP KING Writes:

  • Specially designed with extra attention paid to the areas around the lower leg muscles and under the knee caps to offer more protection than other shin guards. Hook and loop closure for for a secure fit.
  • Size S – Length (does not include feet) 13.5 inch
  • Size M – Length (does not include feet) 14.5 inch
  • Size L – Length (does not include feet) 15.5 inch
  • Size XL – Length (does not include feet) 16 inch
  • Department name: unisex-adult

Link to TOP KING Store.

TTP Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards, Muay Thai Martial Arts Kicking Leg Instep Protection Pads

Amazon Link To TTP Shinguards

These TTP Shinguards do not have color or size variables.

TTP Writes:

  • Protective gear: Our Shin guards are designed to protect your shins and lower legs from impacts and injuries during kick
  • Perfect fit: TTP shin guards are shaped so they fit around your calf and foot rather than just being a flat pad, it won’t affect the mobility
  • Adjustable Straps: Wide Velcro strapping system firmly grips your leg and keeps the guard in one place throughout the fight
  • Comfortable Wear: This shin guards pads is made of Synthetic leather that gets you more stylish and artistic looks. Inner side wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable
  • 2 sizes available: M: most commonly used by individuals height 55.51-68.89 inch; L: most commonly used by individuals height 69.29-72.83 inch

Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards Kickboxing MMA Muay Thai Protective Shin Pad Leg Guards

Amazon Link to Elite Sports Shinguards

These shinguards have there various color and size options.

Elite Sports Muay Thai Writes:

  • Construction – Elite Sports Muay Thai shin guards are premium quality shin guards that are built to protect and last long. These kickboxing shin guards have adjustable straps at top and calves and a foot strap to keep these MMA leg guards in place.
  • Protection – Our shin guards MMA have high-density shock absorption foam at the shin and on top of the feet that provides good protection.
  • Adjustable – These MMA shin guards for men are easily adjustable with Velcro straps at the top and calves that gives the desired fit and hold these shin pads Muay Thai in place.
  • Versatile – These kickboxing leg guards are the perfect shin guards Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai training and sparring as well as other general combat training.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and Comfortable – Soft breathable fabric of our kickboxing shin guards men will keep you comfortable and the sweat away while the padding is light but high density so it ensures agility, durability, and protection.

Link to full Elite Sports store.

YOKKAO Matrix Muay Thai Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards with Knee Guards

Amazon Link to YOKKAO Shinguards

YOKKAO is a very large supporter of Muay Thai around the globe. YOKKAO sponsors many profession combat sports athlets. These shinguards come in multiple colors and sizes.


  • Constructed with triple layers of high-impact foam. Martial arts shinguards for Youth and Adults
  • High-Quality Premium cowhide leather muay thai shin guards – Completely Handmade in Thailand
  • Color-matching profiles – Stress-resistant closure straps. Lightweight, perfect mma shin guards gear
  • Non-slip interior for extra stability. Best shin guards for muay thai direct from Thailand
  • Improved foam pad comfort with knee support. Remain steady during sparring. Foot covering

Link to full YOKKAO Store.

XMartial Shin Guards

XMartial Shin Guards
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Durable
  • Great For Advanced & Beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Shock Absorption
  • Comes in Pairs

If you’re looking for the best shin guards online, check out the XMartial Shin Guards. They are one of the best synthetic leather shin guards you can buy.

Great to use, no matter if you’re an advanced athlete or a beginner. XMartial makes their durable shin guards with high-grade synthetic leather that are lightweight and comfortable.

But even though they are lightweight, these guards provide optimal shock absorption on kicks and blocks. You’re going to get years of training out of this solid pair of shin guards.

Click here to buy XMartial Shin Guards

FIVING Martial Arts Shin Guards,Microfiber Leather, Padded, Adjustable Leg Guards

Amazon Link to FIVING Shinguards

These shinguards come in two color options and three size variable.

FIVING Writes:

  • Enhanced Protection: The high-density impact-protective foam padding on the calf and instep absorbs maximum impact, protecting the legs and instep from strong impacts, making your training safer.
  • Durable Performance Upgrade:Made of premium microfiber leather, it performs better in terms of durability, cushioning and protection. The lining is made from a soft, sweat-wicking synthetic fabric to keep your legs dry and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Design: Two nylon Velcro strips are adjustable, and the elastic on the sole stretches to fit the contours of your legs , fits snugly and greatly increases safety during training.
  • Perfect Sparring Equipment: Martial Arts shin guards are the perfect Muay Thai gear or wrestling kick pads, it’s suitable for MMA, kickboxing, muay thai, sparring, karate, fighting or wrestling. It is ideal for professional boxing trainers, beginners, male or female adults.
  • Quality Assurance: Your satisfaction is our top priority, if you have any problems in the future, we will be happy to solve them for you.

Link to full FIVING store.

Muay Thai is a highly physical sport that demands discipline, endurance, and agility. With the unforgiving impact of kicks and blocks during sparring, it’s important to have the best Muay Thai shin guards for proper protection. Real leather is the best material for durability, but microfiber leather offers better affordability without compromising quality. Aesthetic design is also important for those who want to stand out and express themselves. With the right gear including boxing gloves, hand wraps, best Muay Thai shinguards, a groin cup, and shorts, you’ll be fully equipped for Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing.

So don’t compromise on safety and performance, choose the best Muay Thai shinguards for your training and sparring needs. Hopefully, you have enjoyed and found the best Muay Thai shinguards for your needs.