Top 10 Best Kickboxers In The World [Updated 2024]

The sport of kickboxing is bigger than ever thanks to promotions like ONE Championship, RISE, and Glory Kickboxing. There are more eyes on the sport and fans want to see the world’s best kickboxers in action.

That’s why we’ve put together our list of the top 10 best kickboxers in the world as of 2024. Check out our list below and let us know who is in your top ten and visit the link here to find out our list of the best kickboxers of all time.

Best Kickboxers In The World

10. Artem Vakhitov (23-6)

Artem Vakhitov

Artem Vakhitov is easily the best Russian fighter of this era, as well as over the best kickboxers in the world overall. The 32 year old has been practicing the martial art and is a classic Russian style of fighter.

To say that Vakhitov is fundamentally sound would be an understatement. Everything technique that Artem uses is almost picture perfect and always pressures his opponents.

He follows his gameplans to a T without wavering or losing his composure. In the last 8 years of Vakhitov’s career, he has only been defeated twice.

The last being his epic clash against former Glory champ Alex Pereira that many felt he won. In their rematch, he would dominate the reigning champion and win the Glory title.

Unfortunately for Artem, his career has hit a road bump due to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. He was able to fight in his home country of Russia this year, but no other fights are currently confirmed. 

Which is a shame, because Artem is an elite kickboxer that’s getting his career taken from him.

9. Sitthichai (128-33-5)


For the last decade, it can’t be argued that Sitthichai is one of the best kickboxers in the world. He has also been one of the most active fighters in the last 16 years and shows no sign of slowing down.

After winning the Glory Lightweight Championship, Sitthichai was able to defend his title an astounding six times. Since then, Sitthichai has moved to ONE Championship and nearly won their featherweight grand prix.

It’s no question that the Thai legend was welcomed with open arms in ONE since he’s a long-time fan favorite. He has never had boring fighting in his 150+ fight career.

Sitthichai is as well-rounded as they come, but he’s most known for his counter striking and deadly knees. Defending his opponent’s strikes and catches them coming in with hard punch combos and of course his patented back knee.

The Thai legend has won everything in the sport of kickboxing, except the ONE championship. Being able to earn a title in ONE would be another feather in the cap of his stellar career.

8. Marat Grigorian (66-12-1)

Marat Grigorian

Marat Grigorian has easily been one of the best kickboxers of the current era. He has fought in every major kickboxing promotion and most notably won the Glory Light-Heavyweight Championship.

The Armenian power puncher has been in numerous fight of the year matches over the last decade. Going toe to toe with great fighters and beat big names like Andy Souwer, Nattawut, Petchyindee, and Samy Sana.

Grigorian has a complete and powerful style, where he uses a mix of relentless pressure, and high volume power punches. All while giving his opponents any openings and always putting on a great performance.

Marat is currently one of the top fighters in ONE Championship and looking to earn gold in the promotion. We would also love to see him in a rematch against all-time great fighter and former champion Superbon.

7. Kazuki Osaki (40-5-2 1 No Contest)

Kazuki Osaki

Kazuki Osaki, the young Japanese fighter has made quite a name for himself in a short time. After an extensive career in Muay Thai, Osaki moved to kickboxing just three years ago.

But in those three years, he has already established himself as a high rank fighter. Since joining the Japanese promotion Rise, Osaki has not lost a single bout.

Going unbeaten for the last three years and winning both the promotion’s flyweight and super flyweight titles. He has been able to overwhelm his opponent’s with his incredible speed and high volume combos.

Not to mention his powerful leg kicks. If you haven’t heard of Osaki until, then do yourself a favor and take a dive into his fights on Youtube.

If Kazuki continues his current unbeaten streak, he could be considered one of the five best kickboxers in the world.

6. Wei Rui (69-3)

Wei Rui

Wei Rui is one of the most exciting talents to come out of China in a good while. He has primarily fought in China, but has put together an impressive 69-3 record.

Originally, Rui was a Sanda boxer, but made the transition to kickboxing to get more fights. If you haven’t seen Wei fight, he’s one of the most exciting fighters in the world.

Known for his powerful and flashy kicks, which includes his sidekick and nasty wheel kick. Once he finds his kicking range, Rui will fire off his kicks at will and land knees on the inside.

If he’s able to fight and win against bigger names, Wei Rui could definitely go up on the best kickboxers in the world list.

5. Tenshin Nasukawa (44-0)

Tenshin Nasukawa

Tenshin Nasukawa has been tapped by many to be the next big thing in the sport of kickboxing. At just 24 years old, Nasukawa holds an undefeated record of 44-0 with 30 knockouts. Primarily fighting in the Japanese promotion RISE and sporadically for Rizin.

If you’ve seen Tenshin fight, then you know why he is being held in such high regard. He has the skills and the charisma to be a superstar.

Possessing unbelievable talent that is a nearly complete fighter. Having power in both his hands and feet to knock his opponent out at any moment.

Once Nasukawa is able to reach a bigger stage, then the world will know just how talented he is. He could very well become one of the best kickboxers of all time.

4. Rico Verhoeven (60-10)

Rico Verhoeven

For the last decade, there is no question who the best heavyweight kickboxer in the world is. Nearly every fight expert will tell you that it’s Rico Verhoeven.

Since winning the Glory Heavyweight Championship in 2014, the “King of Kickboxing” has only suffered one loss. Defending his title a historic ten times against heavy hitters like Anderson Silva, Hesdy Gerges, and of course Ben Saddik(twice).

One of the keys to Rico’s success has been the way he uses leg kicks. As he’s putting his foot down, Verhoeven will immediately catch his opponent’s with a snapping punch.

This unorthodox approach has kept his opponent’s off balances and disabled them from being able to settle in. Once Rico begins landing these leg kicks to punch combos, he stays in control of the fight.

One thing that critics of the champ have been vocal about is his resiliency. But Verhoeven was able to put that critic to rest in his rematch with Ben Saddik.

Ben was in his best fighting shape and was able to swell Rico’s eye shut and leave a deep gash. Verhoeven then showed us something we’ve never seen from him and came out stronger. 

Stopping Saddik and proving why he’s not only the best heavyweight, but one of the p4p best kickboxers in the world. 

3. Giorgio Petrosian (105-3-2 2 No Contests)

Giorgio Petrosian

In the opinion of many fight experts, Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosian could be one of the best kickboxers to ever live. If you just look at Petrosian’s record, it doesn’t seem like it would be something a fighter could achieve.

Three losses in 112 career kickboxing matches automatically puts him in GOAT status. All while winning every championship attainable and going on a 42 fight unbeaten streak.

If you wonder what makes Giorgio so good is his fighting style. He stands toe to toe with his opponent, welcoming the danger, because he’s a master of timing and movement.

His ability to read his opponent’s, move, and counter with a wide range of powerful combos. The Doctor is a puzzle that even many of the best kickboxers ever weren’t able to solve.

Before his shocking loss to Superbon in 2021, Giorgio was almost a unanimous #1 selection on any best kickboxers list. He is still bouncing back from that loss and we could easily see Petrosyan regain his crown as the king.

2. Superbon Singha Mawynn (113-35)

Superbon Singha Mawynn

The legend Superbon has long been established as one of the best kickboxers in the world. Whenever he fights, the kickboxing and Muay Thai world stop and watch one of the greats work.

We were all in disbelief when he was able to knockout the legend Giorgio Petrosyan in 2021. Using his patented right round kick to put Petrosyan down for only the second time in his career.

Retaining his One Featherweight Championship and then following up his career performance by beating top 5 fighter Marat Grigorian.

If you study Superbon’s style, you’ll understand why he’s one of the most intimidating fighters to face. He has a deadly rear round kick along with being one of the best counter strikers in the world.

Superbon is able to dissect his opponents by jamming their punches with his clinch and deliver a counter right knee. But that’s only if his opponent’s can make it past his incredible long guard and defensive teeps.

The Thai legend could’ve easily been our top pick if that upset KO loss to Chingiz Allazov didn’t happen. But it’ll be exciting to see Superbon climb back up the ladder and attempt to win back his ONE title.

1. Chingiz Allazov (60-5 1 No Contest)

Chingiz Allazov

If you’ve seen Chingiz Allazov’s incredible run over the last two years, you’ll understand why he’s our #1 pick. The reigning ONE Championship Featherweight Champion and 2021 Grand Prix Tournament has looked otherworldly during his current run.

Just look at the fighters that Chingiz has despatched in his last four fights:

  • Samy Sana
  • Jo Nattawut
  • Sitthichai
  • Superbon

Not only beating these four that are considered the best kickboxers in the world, but outright dominating them. He got people talking with his KO body punch over Sana and then beat 3 Thai boxing legends in a row. 

His style of fighting has been on point and the best in the world are having a hard time figuring him out. Chingiz uses different timing to throw his strikes and he’s always switching stance, which confuses his opponents.

Once Allazov is able to get his opponent off balance, he overwhelms them with fast kicks and powerful punching combos. Throwing powerful 3-4 punch combos and ripping into his opponent’s with the last punch.

He is relentless with his attacks as we saw in his unbelievable knockout win against Superbon earlier this year. The pride of Belarus is definitely in his prime and it’s going to be hard to dethrone him. That’s why Chingiz Allazov is our #1 pick of the ten best kickboxers of 2023.

Honorable Mentions

Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira hasn’t competed in kickboxing in over two years, but he was one of the best kickboxers of this era. In Glory, Pereira was the boogeyman of the middleweight and heavyweight division.

Using his unreal knockout power to take out many of the world’s best kickboxers. Many of which he beat by delivering a KO with his notoriously powerful lead hook.

Before transitioning full-time to MMA, Poatan was the double champ. Holding both the Glory Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight titles. All while earning an overall kickboxing record of 33-7.

Then in MMA, Alex showed he was an unstoppable force by winning the UFC Middleweight Championship. He may be retired from kickboxing, but he’s still one of the best kickboxers of the era.

Cedric Doumbe

Another honorable mention that we must give is to Cedric Doumbe. His nickname is “the best” and he is certainly one of the best kickboxers in the world.

A 2x Glory Welterweight Champion that earned an impressive 75-7-1 record. Doumbe is a special athlete with a style all his unknown.

Unorthodox, yet well-rounded with good defense, and his immense power. Most notably his signature overhand right that the rest of the Glory welterweight division feared.

But just like Pereira, Doumbe has also transitioned to MMA and currently holds a record of 4-0. Just like Poatan, The Best would also like to add a PFL belt to his impressive resume.