Muay Bouk – The Pressure Fighter

Muay Bouk

Muay Thai fighters across the world, each fall into a different named style of fighting, the Muay Bouk are known for their vicious aggressive pressure, moving forward constantly unlike the Muay Femur who will step back and …

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Muay Thai Stance

Muay Thai Stance

One of the most crucial foundational skills to master while beginning the martial art is the Muay Thai stance. You won’t be able to attack or defend effectively if you are unable to position yourself in the …

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Muay Boran – Ancient Thai Boxing

Muay Boran

Before the sport of Muay Thai that we see across the world today, before well-known sports brands like Fairtex and Yokkao, before the great champions of Saenchai P.K. Saenchai, Nokweed Davy and Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn there was Muay …

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Muay Thai Tattoos: Sak Yant

Muay Thai tattoos

A common sight in the arenas of Bangkok, Thailand is the tattoo-adorned bodies of veteran Thai boxers. These Muay Thai combatants lean into their identity taking great pride in the title of “Nak Muay” Part of this …

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Kard Chuek: Muay Thai Ropes

Kard Chuek

Before the sport of Muay Thai that we see today shown across the world, televised in franchise events like ONE championship and Lion fight, before the echos of cheers and the clashing of shins, before the glory …

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Muay Sok: The Elbow Fighter

Muay Sok

One of the definitive features of Muay Thai that separates it from western kickboxing is the use of elbow strikes. These strikes are used liberally in short-range to deliver “bladed” impacts to the face and head to …

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Teep Kick – Thai Push Kick 

Teep kick

A Muay Thai fighter by nature has a number of offensive and defensive tools incorporated in their fighting styles ranging from the many different knees to the cutting elbows and devastating roundhouse kicks, however perhaps one of …

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Muay Mat – The Power Puncher

Muay Mat

The many styles of the Muay Thai fighters typically revolve around the different tools available to them, from the Muay Tae’s powerful kicks to the Muay Khao’s knees, The Muay Mat chooses to forgo the majority of …

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Muay Femur: The Muay Thai Technician

Muay Femur

The sport of Muay Thai affectionately called “the art of 8 limbs” by its fans and practitioners is famously fought on the legendary stages of Rajadamnern and Lumpinee, and more recently televised across the world on promotions …

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Muay Tae: The Kick Specialist

Muay Tae

When people think of Muay Thai as a sport they think of vicious elbows and knees, but perhaps more so they also think of powerful kicks and the countless amounts of footage depicting head kick knockouts throughout …

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