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How Old Is Muay Thai? – Muay Thai Origins

It is very hard to answer ‘How Old Is Muay Thai?’ Travel back in time to the ancient era, where the origins of Muay Thai were forged in the fiery crucible of martial prowess. Imagine a world without boxing gloves, where fearless warriors honed their skills in the art of combat. Muay Thai, although not yet bestowed with its name, was already making its mark as a formidable discipline taught by the military. These warriors didn’t just fight in the ring; they utilized their techniques in real warfare, wielding pikes, spears, and swords with deadly precision.

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Just How Old Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai’s significance goes beyond the battlefield. How old is Muay Thai? Many centuries old at least. Throughout history, larger-than-life figures emerged, weaving mythical tales of courage and triumph. These legendary Nak Muay fighters, whether they were prisoners, generals, or even kings, stood as symbols of Thailand’s sovereignty and identity. Their mastery of Muay Thai became a cultural and religious cornerstone, etching its influence deep into the nation’s core. Most of the kings and general who utilized Muay Boran, can be easily traced to the 16th century.

Picture a time when Muay Thai wasn’t just a sport but a tool for liberation. In times of war, it was employed on the battlefield, helping Thailand secure victory against its oppressors. Statues paying homage to these mythical figures still grace the Thai countryside, serving as a constant reminder of their heroic deeds. Such is their impact that Thailand even has a national day dedicated to celebrating these Muay Thai legends.

As the years passed, Muay Thai underwent a transformation. It evolved from a martial art of war into a sport of finesse and strategy. Bare-knuckle fights gradually gave way to the adoption of horse leather or rope as hand protection. Only in the 20th century did boxing gloves become the norm, integrating themselves into the very fabric of Muay Thai basics. How old is Muay Thai? Moderns Muay Thai, as we recognize it today, can be traced back at least one hundred years.

Yet, Muay Thai remains deeply rooted in spiritual traditions. Once held primarily at Thai Buddhist temples, matches were imbued with a sense of reverence. Before stepping into the ring, the two nak muay athletes would perform the Wai Khru Ram Muay, a traditional dance paying homage to their teachers and spiritual guides. How old is Muay Thai? While the age is not entirely clear, it has always had a piece of Buddhism in it.

How old is Muay Thai? The truth is that no one knows. Officially, its roots can easily be traced back to the 1200s. However, records from that time indicate that the sport must have been much older. We know it was not invented in the 1200s. Some legends indicate that Muay Thai may be as ancient as 675 AD.

675 AD

How old is Muay Thai? It may be thousands of years old. Legends whisper of a hermit named Sukatanta, who, in the year 675 AD, established the martial arts school known as Khao Samor Khon in the vibrant city of Lopburi. Sukatanta, a Ruesi—a monk who achieved enlightenment through meditation—was believed to possess extraordinary powers. These Ruesi figures were renowned for their ability to heal, their expertise in herbs, their foresight into the future, and their mastery of hand-to-hand combat. References to Ruesi can be found in both Buddhist and Hindu texts, sometimes referred to as Rishi.


Muay Lopburi

How old is Muay Thai? There are written records of Muay Thai dating back to the 1200s. Records of this time indicate that they were not inventing it but referring to something older.

One of Sukatanta’s esteemed students was none other than King Ram Kamhaeng of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Even in the 1200s, Muay Lopburi—the predecessor of modern Muay Thai—captivated the attention of King Khun Ngam Muang of the Phayao Kingdom. It became a revered tradition for kings across centuries to learn Muay Lopburi, including Ayutthaya Kings Narai and Sanphet VIII in the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as King Rama V in the 1800s.

Lopburi, the city where it all began, has a unique feature—its thriving population of monkeys, officially known as Crab-eating macaques. It is believed that the dynamic style of Muay Lopburi drew inspiration from these mischievous primates, characterized by their relentless movement and cunning tricks. Just as the monkeys of Lopburi live alongside the people, Muay Lopburi became intertwined with the spirit of the city, leaving an indelible mark on its culture.


King Naresuan

King Naresuan

How old is Muay Thai? The sport was used in the military between 1500 and 1700. King Naresuan introduced the Siamese (Thai) military to Muay Thai in 1560. So its roots can officially be traced back at least that far. The older form of Muay Thai is now called Muay Boran. Muay Thai is still taught to the Thai military to this day.

Naresuan found himself ensnared in the clutches of the Burmese King, held captive against his will. It was a colossal battle in 1593 that would seal Naresuan’s place in history and herald the dawn of freedom for Ayutthaya. The Burmese forces amassed their strength, their determination to crush the resistance palpable in the air.

On the backs of mighty elephants, Naresuan of Ayutthaya and Crown Prince Mingyi Swa engaged in a titanic clash, a clash that would decide the fate of nations. It was a duel that epitomized the spirit of courage and unwavering resolve. Each thunderous blow struck upon the colossal beasts echoed with the weight of history, reverberating through the ages. How old is Muay Thai? The combat sport being used on the battlefield is hundreds of years old.

King Prachao Sua – The Tiger King

How Old Is Muay Thai? We have confirmation going back at least four hundred years. A fervent practitioner of Muay Thai, King Phra Chao Sua, this remarkable monarch, whose reign spanned from 1662 to 1709, possessed a fiery passion for the martial art that flourished under his rule. Imagine the king’s burning desire to step into the arena, to test his mettle against formidable opponents. However, the weight of his royal status bore heavily upon the shoulders of any contender who would dare to face him. Defeating a monarch could carry severe consequences, casting a dark shadow over anyone who dared challenge the king in combat.

The king decided that he would fight with a mask so that he can compete in Muay Thai fairly. In the end, King Prachao Sua, in his veiled guise, emerged victorious from an unforgettable clash. The crowd erupted in awe and admiration, bearing witness to a contest that would be spoken of in hushed whispers for generations to come. Legends were born that day, with the disguised monarch carving out his place in the hallowed halls of Muay Thai greatness. How old is Muay Thai? Competitive Muay Thai dates back centuries.

Phraya Phichai the Broken Sword

Phraya Phichai

How old is Muay Thai? This legendary figure was using the combat sport in the 1700s. The Siamese general Phraya Phichai, a true hero honored with statues that stand tall in his name. This fearless warrior unleashed the power of Muay Thai on the battlefield, proving his worth time and time again.

In the days when Siam found itself under the oppressive grip of Burmese rule after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, fate presented an opportunity. As Burma faced an invasion from the mighty Qing Dynasty China, their forces shifted focus to repel the invaders. And that’s when Phraya Phichai, the astute strategist, saw his chance. He organized a rebellious force to rise against the oppressors, igniting the flames of freedom.

Amidst the chaos of battle, an extraordinary incident unfolded, etching Phraya Phichai’s name in the annals of heroism. As the fight raged on, his daab song mue, the mighty two-handed sword he wielded with deadly grace, met its untimely demise. Yes, it snapped in half as he leaned on it, testing the limits of his resolve.

Driven by his skills in the art of Muay Thai, Phraya Phichai pressed forward with unwavering determination. He cast aside the shattered remnants of his weapon and embraced an unconventional approach. Fists flew, knees struck with precision, and elbows delivered fierce blows. The battle echoed with the resounding testament of his training in Thai boxing.

It was through his unwavering knowledge of Muay Thai that he emerged from the battlefield, alive and victorious. His triumph not only marked a personal victory but also secured Thailand’s right to govern itself, freeing the nation from the clutches of oppression. How Old Is Muay Thai? It goes back hundreds of year to this legendary figure.


How old is Muay Thai? There are ancient forms of Muay Thai that date back centuries. However, modern Muay Thai as we recognize it today dates back to the 20th century. While Muay Thai can trace its roots as far back as 600 AD, the truth is that it would not be recognizable to combat sports fans today.

Journey back to the early 1900s, a pivotal era in the evolution of Muay Thai. It was during this period that the sport underwent a transformative metamorphosis, shedding its raw and untamed origins to emerge as a formalized combat discipline with universal Muay Thai rules. And it all began with the visionary efforts of the legendary King Rama VII of Thailand.

King Rama VII introduced gloves and rings to the sport. These additions brought a new level of structure to the ancient art, elevating it to a whole new level of respect. From that point forward, any combat sports that existed in Thailand prior to the 20th century were categorized as Muay Boran.

These new regulations not only served to establish Muay Thai as a regulated and revered form of combat but also laid the foundation for its continued growth and triumph in the decades to come.

How old is Muay Thai? The roots of Muay Thai stretched back to ancient times, with legends and mythical tales intertwining with its rich history. From the enigmatic hermit Sukatanta in 675 AD to the renowned kings and generals who utilized Muay Boran, the origins of Muay Thai spanned centuries of martial prowess and cultural significance.

With each passing era, Muay Thai transformed, adapting to the changing times while maintaining its essence as a powerful and revered striking martial art. The 20th century brought further refinement, with the introduction of gloves, standardized rules, and a focus on safety. Today, Muay Thai stands tall as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its practitioners and the enduring legacy of this ancient and captivating combat sport.

How old is Muay Thai? There is no clear answer.

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