Best Muay Thai Stadiums Outside Bangkok

Best Muay Thai Stadiums Outside Bangkok

The Muay Thai stadiums often overshadow some of the other great stadiums. Western Thai boxing fans often ask about the best Muay Thai stadiums outside Bangkok.

What Do All the Best Muay Thai Stadiums Have In Common?

No matter which of these great Muay Thai stadiums you visit, they all share one thing in common: Thousands of passionate fight fans fill these stadiums to gamble on their favorite fighters.

Gambling is a big business within the Muay Thai stadiums, which brings in spectators and tourism and gambling is a main factor in what keeps these stadiums running. Fans can take wagers on everything all the fights at the stadiums just as if they were betting on the latest UFC odds.

Here’s a list of the best Muay Thai stadiums outside Bangkok, Thailand. Read the history of these famous stadiums and some famous fighters who competed there, when you have finished check out our article on the best Muay Thai stadiums across Thailand.

What Are The Best Muay Thai Stadiums Outside Bangkok?

1. Bangla Boxing Stadium (Patong, Phuket, Thailand)

Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla Boxing Stadium is one of the best Muay Thai stadiums in the heart of Patong, Phuket. The stadium has decades of history, with some of the world’s best Thai boxers competing there, like Saenchai.

You can watch everyone from champions to up-and-comers competing at the stadium three days a week. 

2. Thaphae Boxing Stadium (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Thaphae Boxing Stadium

It is a popular tourist site known for being among the best Muay Thai stadiums in Chiang Mai—the famous Tha Phae or Thaphae Stadium, holding fights six days a week. For just 1,500 baht($12), you get entry with one cold beer to watch upcoming boxers compete.

3. Patong Boxing Stadium (Patong, Thailand)

Patong Boxing Stadium

The Patong Boxing Stadium brings the big stadium fight feel to a comfortable theater stadium. They hold fights four days a week in one of Phuket’s best Muay Thai stadiums outside Bangkok for those wanting a relaxing atmosphere.

Coordinators at Patong will even set up training for fighters to get with gyms to train them for fights.

4. MAX Muay Thai Stadium (Pattaya, Thailand)

MAX Muay Thai Stadium

The MAX Muay Thai Stadium is one of the youngest stadiums, constructed in 2014. After opening, it quickly became one of the best Muay Thai stadiums in Pattaya, Thailand.

MAX Muay Thai stadium has a special energy of a big fight feel at every event. Everyone from Buakaw, Rodtang, and Sittchai has fought for titles in front of sold-out crowds.

5. Siam Boxing Stadium/Omnoi Stadium (Chang Mai, Thailand)

Siam Boxing Stadium

The Siam Boxing Stadium is one of the best Muay Thai stadiums many tourists don’t know about. This gem of an arena puts on multiple weekly shows, showcasing the best fighters in Chang Mai. 

It has a 1500-seat capacity full of loud and passionate Thai boxing fans. If you’re a foreign fighter, you could even make some connections to fight on one of the shows.

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