Top Asian Martial Arts Styles

Top Asian Martial Arts Styles

The continent of Asia has produced some of the best martial arts styles ever created. What do you think are the top Asian martial arts styles ever created?

Check out our list of the top Asian martial arts styles below and see why they’re so effective in combat and give you a better insight next time you place a bet on apps such as the virginia sports betting apps.

Asian Martial Arts Styles

Muay Thai (Thailand) 

In the opinion of many, the art of Muay Thai is one of the top Asian martial arts styles ever created. The art of eight limbs includes some of the most powerful and devastating striking techniques ever created.

Top fighters of every combat sport(excluding boxing) practice Muay Thai. This effective martial art is always in the discussions for being one of the top martial arts styles.

Kung Fu (China) 

Kung Fu is not only one of the oldest and best Asian martial arts styles created, it is one of the most vast. It’s a blanket term for Chinese martial arts, including some of the world’s oldest martial arts.

There’s everything from grappling to kickboxing styles, one of the most famous being Shaolin Kung Fu. The history and effectiveness of Kung Fu make it an easy choice for one of the top martial arts styles.

Karate (Japan) 

Karate is a martial art that is synonymous with Japan. It’s a martial art with some of the most effective striking techniques ever, which include potent punches and kicks

In just over a century, Karate has become one of the most practiced martial arts in the world. Numerous Karate fighters like Andy Hug, Stephen Thompson, and Lyoto Machida have dominated combat sports.

The effectiveness of Karate is undisputable, and is arguably one of the top Asian martial arts.

Judo (Japan) 

Another one of the top Asian martial arts, which is synonymous with Japan, is the art of Judo. Created by Jigoro Kano, Judo took the best elements of Japanese Jujutsu styles to create a near-perfect grappling style.

The art of Judo is known for its simple yet effective throws, sweeps, and submissions. It is not only an effective martial art but also one of the most influential. The art of BJJ and, quite possibly, MMA would not exist if it weren’t for Judo.

Taekwondo (Korea) 

Taekwondo is the national martial art of South Korea that is practiced by millions across the world. Taekwondo became an internationally practiced martial art in less than a century thanks to its effective striking.

The style is known for its powerful kicks, which are thrown with jumps and spins to increase the power. Top fighters like Anderson Silva and Michael “Venom” Page prove that Taekwondo is one of the top martial arts styles.

Escrima (Philippines)

The weapon art of Escrima from the Philippines is arguably one of the best weapon self-defense systems ever created. This style features techniques using stiff and lightweight sticks, which are simple yet incredibly effective.

Eskrima’s simplicity and effectiveness have made it an internationally practiced self-defense style. A weapon-based martial art like Esrima is perfect if you want more well-rounded self-defense abilities.

Lethwei (Myanmar) 

Some believe the deadly art of Lethwei from Myanmar might be the most deadly martial art. It’s a brutal martial art/combat sport that includes devastating headbutts.

Unfortunately, Myanmar is a closed-off nation, so the art of Lethwei has suffered. If more people knew about the art of Lethwei, it would be unanimously placed among the top Asian martial arts styles.

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