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To perform the "Sao Noi Pra Pang" style.

The first direction ( front direction)

The boxer start at sitting in the "Dhep Pha-nom" form and bend down to prostrate ' Pra Ratanatrai three times. Clasp and put your hands at the chest. Say a Pali verse "Na Pidta MoMaiHen Bhuddha Pidta ThaPidhoo Ya" 3 times. Realize the gratefulness of Buddha, Dhamma and Buddhist monk , the gratefulness of mother, father , masters start to 'Tha-wai-Bung-Kom' for the first round from the clasp at the chest level form.

Step 1 : bend your body forward simultaneously stretch your arms forward until the tip of your fingers touch the floor. Use both of your thumbs to insert and combine preventing separation from each other. wai "Phra Mae Dharanee"

Step 2 : perform alike you use your hand to pick some " Mae Dharanee" up to the chest. Then be in the "Dhep Phanom" form.

Step 3 : perform "Wai" by raising your hand up to touch the face as the "Tha Wai Bung Kom" form. Bend your elbow , turn up your face up move your body backward. keep your two thumbs touching your forehead. stretch up your index finger and bend your body backward a bit. Then let your hands down at the chest level.

The second "Tha Wai Bung Kom",

Step 1 : bend your body forward a bit.Let your face side of your palm outward. Stretch the tip of fingers out. Bend your body lower simultaneously slowly move round your hand out backward. Then move it back through your elbows.

Step 2 : then move your hands out of your body at each of both side. Slowly move your hands round to meet each other at the front side.

Step 3 : let the face of your palms downward. To pick up "Phra Mae Dharanee" by move round your palms frontward just one time. Then turn the face of the palms up and lay them on the floor.

Step 4: move your palms scoop "Phra Mae Dharanee" into your chest to be the " Phanom Meo Samer Og"

Step 5: raise up hands up to "Wai" then let your hands down to PhaNom at the chest level. Perform the "Tha Wai Bung Kom" for the third time by start from Phanom Meo at the chest level , repeat the same step with the Tha Wai Bung Kom at the second time.

Start to perform the boxing dance. From the sitting put the hand together in the chest level to be the ' Pa-thom' and Brahma form'

Step 1 : raise your body up a bit from the tip of your foots. Step out the right foot frontward. Bend your right knee perpendicular to the floor. Sit on the left heel. Right hand lay on the right knee, tighten your hand lay downward. Bend left elbow raise the left hand put it at the chest level

Step 2 : from the 'Pa-Thom' , bend your body frontward. Your weight focus on right foot. Kneel your left knee down. Stretch left legs straight backward. Bend your foot up above the floor. Hit the fist frontward , eyes look straight on.

Step 3 : hit the fist backward simultaneously step back to sit on the left heel, stretch the right foot ahead raise up the tip of the foot.

Step 4 : spin your left fist out of the body raise it up high above the right side of the head. ( similar to the 'Bung A-Bai Berk Far' form). The right arms is on the same level as the chest. Right elbow still lay on the right legs.

Step 5 : bend your body forward and then backward. Repeat this step 2 times.

Step 6 : while bend your body frontward for the third time, but not bend body back yet. Raise your right heel up from the floor a bit. ( as spring )

Step 7 : focus your weight on the right knee, right arm lay on the right knee. Kneel left knee on the floor. Raise left foot which is behind up. Raise up the tip of the left foot. (bend up the tip of the foot). Raise the left hand above the head, look at high level , turn the head left and right then turn to look straight on.

The first round of ' Chak Pang Pad Nah',

Step 1 : raise body up from sitting on the left heel. Bend your body forward. Raise your tip of left foot up from the floor.Bend the tip of the left foot. set down your left hand lower than right knee a bit alike to scoop up the ' Phra Mae Dharanee' in the left hands.

Step 2 : set the right hand down from the knee. Perform alike batching up the powder that is 'Phra Mae Dharanee' into the left hand. Repeat this step for 3 times.

Step 3 : perform alike bringing powder from the left hand to cover the face at the upper part of the face at left cheek and right cheek. Repeat this step 3 times.

Step 4 : raise up your left hand and stretch palm up turn the palm to the face perform alike it's a mirror and look into the mirror. The right hand is at the same level of the chin to be 'Tha Khunpan Song Kra-jok' (Khunpan look into the mirror)

Step 5 : raise up your right hand over the head and perform alike to comb your hair 3 times , then perform alike roll the bun by using the right hand roll the hair around from right to left 3 rounds. Perform the roll as 'Tak-si-na-vatra'. Your left hand perform alike press the hair down.

Step 6 : right hand press the bun up above the head 3 times. This form was called ' Mae Phra Dharanee Beeb Muay Phom'. Repeat this step 3 times.

Step 7 : put your left foot on the floor simultaneously bend your body back to sit on the left heel. Left hand push back the hair up over the head. Right hand press or smooth the hair down to the right knee. The lower part of the arm lay on the knee. Raise up the tip of the right foot perform alike pressing the bun or smooth and lift it high. Repeat this step 3 times. The second direction (backward direction),

Step 8 : you must repeat it three times , before complete the round 3 , you must raise up your left elbow high. Raise your body up by stand on your tip of left foot , use it as a pulcum point to turn around your body. Then lift your left knee up (turn around by twist your left knee as pulcum ) and move your right knee by twist it along the left knee.

Step 9 : kneel your knee down on the floor simultaneously use left hand to lift up your bun over the head, right hand press or pull the bun from the upper part to the lower part of your head and go further to the right calf. Look along the left hand while it's moving up.

Step 10 : while your right knee sit on the floor. Lift up the right foot and bend up the tip of the right foot along your body. Now your left hand perform 'Rum Bung Nah' high above the face,

Step 11 : bend your body back to sit on your right heel, set down the lower part of your arm to lay on the left knee. Slowly swirl your right hand from the frontward to the backward one round. Slowly 'rum' from lower to higher level , from the beside to the front side. This form is called 'rum soong' since you must turn the palm side to the front side and raise your right hand up high above your head. And twist your palm toward the front side alike 'rum nar' but it must be higher than your head.

The third direction (the leftside direction),

Chuk Pang Pud Nar for the third time. (perform the same as the first time)

Step 1 : turn round your body to the right hand. Twist your body to the right side and kneel down your left knee. Raise up your right knee high and put your right foot beyond the left knee. Raise the tip of the right foot up. Lay your right arm on the right knee. Raise up your left hand above the head. Perform the dance called 'Rum Nar Soong Berk A-Roon' or 'Bung A-bai Berk Far Fiuk Fiunt Jai Muang' raise your left hand up high above your head. And your eyes look anything high. Turn your head left and right then straight on.

Step 2 : let your left hand down . Use the right hand preparing to 'Chuk Pang Phad Nah' for the second time. Scoop 'Mae Phra Dharanee' into hands three times. Repeat the same step as the first round of 'Chuk Pang Phad Nah',

The fourth direction. (the right direction),

when finish the second time of "Chuk Pang Phad Nah" your face is now turn to the right direction. That means the direction you perform the first time "Chuk Pang Phad Nar" is the front direction. Which you must turn around to the back direction continue to dance until completing the first round of "Chuk Pang Phad Nar". The second round "Chuk Pang Phad Nar" will turn to the left direction. When you press the bun and turn round to the backside the same as the first round "Chuk pang Phad Nar" , you will turn to the right direction

Step 1: Then bend you body backward to sit on the right heel. Which your left knee stretch up the tip of your left foot raised high. Your left arm lay on your left knee. Knee your right knee down on the floor. Raise right hand above head. Lift the face up and your eyes watch something high above.Sit with your right heel.

Step 2 : stand up let your hands down along your body. Now your left foot lay beyond your right foot. the right foot lay skew behind.

Step 3 : step out your right foot to lay beyond the left foot. then turn left which is turn your face to the front direction. Then go back to your corner by "Kow yang" or " step backward with the " yang Sam Khum" or "Yang Suk Ka-same " then bend down your body to salute the counterpart one time. Then it's the completion of the dancing performance.