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This is the main movent (Mae Mai) of Muay Thai for training to defend the 
Fists by alternating the feet and pushed the arm out.  The opponent’s fist 
would passed over the shoulder.  It’d make clear targets in order for you
to attack as you wish.  (The same movement as Kon Pak Sa Waeg Rang.)
  The attacker hit with the right fist to the opponent’s face and holds on
the left hand guard.
  The defensive steps the right foot for words, the weight on the right 
foot and teeps looking at the opponent.  Then throws the straight left 
punch with the swinging shoulder and push to the inner part of the armaway,
lefting the opponent’s fist passed over the head.  Then you can counter by
using all parts of body such as right fist, ritht elbow, the left foot or the left
  If the attacker throws with the left jist, do the same as above in the opposite